From Idea to Product, real quick.

OpsYard is solely run by Wesley Ross, a technical product consultant who helps startup founders build prototypes, create a launch sequences & maximize user retention for software based businesses.

Unlike an app development agency, Wesley focuses on getting results in the shortest time possible.

Only tangible results, no long term contracts, a-la-carte.


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Having worked with both Venture backed Startups in Silicon Valley to High End Fashion retailers in New York, I saw one problem repeatedly come up, investing money into an idea/venture with not knowing their customers needs.

Sometimes those situations led to a team losing $250,000 on bad mobile app idea, due to not taking the time to first validate the market with a quick prototype.

With over 6 years in Software Development & 5 years of Product Management experience, I'm what you would call the perfect combo of business acumen and technical expertise.

I’m the person that will be there from the beginning till the end of the project, occasionally I’ll pull in close associates that are experts in their field to weigh in on a particular approach to a problem we will be solving for You.

Wesley Ross - Founder at OpsYard


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In the past couple of years I've had the opportunity to share what I have learned in product management, software development, building profitable software companies with hundreds of up & coming titans of industry.

Access Code - Coalition for Queens
Access Code is a 10-month software development program that trains talented adults from underserved populations to become industry ready programmers.
Startup Institute
Startup Institute is a career accelerator to help individuals gain the skills, mindset and network to succeed in jobs at a startup.

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The only way to learn & develop valuable skills is by doing. That's why I've decided to join teams of outstandingly driven founders looking to solve ambitious problems that affect the masses.

Over the years the network and skills I've cultivated were critical in having a better understanding of what it takes to build a success company in the ever changing technology sector.

That's why when approaching developing new ideas into real software products with founders I value speed of validating the basic assumptions with real customers & getting a product to market that fits those needs within the shortest time possible.