Getting You, in front of Customers

As much as the social media might be great for consumer goods &  apps, what really pushes the needle for B2B applications is good ol' email.

That's why we offer a done for your service, where we take care of everything from: getting the leads, writing the email sequence & scheduling it via email automation tools.


Breakdown of Our Process


Step 1 - Define the Value Proposition & Target Market

In order to write good cold emails to prospective customers, you need to know their needs, fears & motivations as well as how your product/service fits into to that matrix. Thats fine if you don't have this fully fleshed out, we're here to help.

We're focused on making sure that the message your sending out, reaches the write target & in turn generates resuts.


Step 2 - Determine a repeatable process of getting qualified leads

Like with any marketing effort, it comes down to numbers that you put through your sales funnel.

At this stage we want to make sure we can generate enough leads for your email campaign that will generate the results you're looking for. 

Based on the industry known conversion rates & outcome, we can quick determine if the addressable market is viable for your needs.


Step 3 - Write 3 different Cold Emails & Follow Up sequence

This is where the fun begins! Cold emails are very effective if written correctly, that's why we partner with independent sales experts on writing your emails. 

Here are couple of principles that we recommend applying to your cold emails:

  • Always keep WIIFT in mind.
  • Keep the email under 4 sentences.
  • Follow up is where winners are determined.
  • Focus on getting a response, not conversion.

*WIIFT - "What's in it for them."


Step 4 - Schedule & A/B test 3 different email sequences.

Instead of doing everything by hand or using messy mail merges, we make sure to:

  • segment your email list
  • implement proper tracking
  • proof read all emails before they go out
  • schedule the email campaign to go out in batches

Once setup we send it over to you for review.


Step 5 - Click Send & See the Results roll in!




Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Will you do the sales for me?
    • We here to help, however our work ends once the  leads are generate, emails are written & setup as a campaign.
  2. What tools do you use?
    • We only use tools that we use in our daily business: Our Propriety Scrapers/Crawlers, Email Hunter, MailShake + help from industry experts.
  3. Do you guarantee results?
    • We can't guarantee results, since ultimately the success of your campaign is determined by what you have to offer vs how receptive is your target customer. We can only help facilitate that.