Accelerate Your Path to Product/Market Fit

1) Quit Making Product Decisions based off Your Gut

  • Are you experiencing high churn rates?
  • How about the ever increasing stream of emails to your Customer Support team?
  • Remember that feature that took forever to develop but only 5% of your user base is actually using it?
  • What's your most ROI positive acquisition channel for new user?

2) Knowing Your Numbers, is the Roadmap to Success

Knowing & understanding your users behaviour is crucial in determining the right course of action for your business roadmap in the coming  months.

That's why we believe that the best thing that you can do for your business is to talk to Your customer consistently & set KPIs that are directly tied into your business goals.

This way the decisions you'll be making will be data driven & with a lower chance of failure.


3) Our Approach has 4 main stages:

  • Understand the current situation the business is in.
  • Setup extensive tracking & develop a targeted customer discovery approach.
  • Based on the data gathered from customer interviews & the analytics packages, we'll develop clear strategies on how to improve your business.
  • We'll deliver to You a custom tailored report with clear action items we recommend to improve your business.

The typical engagement starts at $15,000 & runs for 8 weeks during which we take care of all the setup, reporting & customer interviews.


4) Why should I trust You guys?

Well “us” is actually primarily, me. Wesley Ross.

I “run the show” here at OpsYard, I’m the person that will be there from the beginning till the end of the project, occasionally I’ll pull in close associates that are experts in their field to weigh in on a particular approach to a problem we will be solving for You.

With over 6 years in Software Development & 5 years of Product Management experience, I'm what you would call the perfect combo of business acumen and technical expertise.

Having worked with both Venture backed Startups in Silicon Valley to High End Fashion retailers in New York, I saw one problem repeatedly come up, investing money into an idea/venture with not knowing their customers needs.

Sometimes those situations led to a team losing $250,000 on bad mobile app idea, due to not taking the time to first validate the market with a quick prototype.

I’ve spoken on panels, taught classes on product management as well as designed, built & launched software products that reached hundred of thousands of people.


5) Book a Free Consultation Now

While we'd like to help everyone achieve better results, we can only work with a select few, due to the nature of running a small team that dives deep into your software, we usually only accept customers where we can make the most impact.

If you'd like to start a conversation on how we can partner to help your customers succeed within your software, please send us an email from the form below.