Jobs at OpsYard

We're 100% a remote team, focused on building an in-house product portfolio.

Services that we offer to clients are a by-product of what we do for our own apps.


Jr. Ruby on Rails Developer [Part Time/Contract]


  • Hands-on knowledge of Ruby on Rails, HAML/SCSS
  • Knowledge of at least one of JavaScript frameworks (AngularJS/Ember.js,React, jQuery)
  • An ability to deal efficiently with databases and various queries.
  • Understanding of test-driven development, Scrum and Agile methodologies


  • You can efficiently search for information you need
  • You have communication skills sufficient to work with a team and clients 
  • You love to take charge of the project you are working on


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Content Producer [Part Time/Contract]

Content is a primary growth channel for our products/services. We need you to both produce new articles, guides and content for startups & entrepreneurs.

We're not looking for content-farm junk.

Your job is to produce genuinely helpful content for startups, based on in-depth knowledge and experience. An ability to learn complex concepts quickly and explain them in a way that's actually readable to other humans takes genuine skill, and that's something we hope to find in you.

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Jr. Business Developer [Part Time/Contract]

We want you to come on board if you:

  • have experience in maintaining communication with B2B clients,
  • display impressive written and verbal communication skills and interpersonal abilities,
  • thrive in a competitive environment and adapt to change easily,
  • are a problem-solver with strong analytical skills,
  • are interested in new technologies and can quickly learn how to use various web and mobile applications and tools.
  • experience in or some knowledge of IT/software consulting/SaaS market,
  • experience in outreach, B2B sales or call centres,
  • familiarity with CRM systems and Google tools,
  • a business-oriented approach, or a degree in Economics or Management.