Marketing Associate

Content is a primary growth channel for our products/services. We need You to both produce new articles, guides and content for startups & entrepreneurs.

We're not looking for content-farm junk.

An ability to learn complex concepts quickly and explain them in a way that's actually readable to other humans takes genuine skill and that's something we hope to find in you.

Process is key & we're more than happy to share ours with You & guide to to grow into the best content marketer out there.

This is a contract position with room for growth.

Qualities we're looking for in candidates for this position:

  1. Naturally Curious
  2. Intelligent
  3. Strong Work Ethic

Compensation is currently based on per asset produced:

  • $50/post (with a 10 post minimum per month)
  • $15/hr for various activities around misc tasks.

This position is ideal for someone getting started in digital marketing.


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